We are Renaissance.
The alternative to an increasingly angry and impoverished world is self sufficient communities.  Our tools help build a bright future of wealth production where all are needed and all welcomed.  Visit us on the web at

Step away from the existing power paradigm by taking wealth production into your own hands and join our revolution.  Freedom is obtained one step at a time with friends

The Japanese company:                         The United States company:
Renaissance DIY Grid, LLC                                DIY Grid, LLC         
148-1 Yuge-Kamada                                        2112 Oakwood Lane
Kamijima-cho Ochi-gun                             Richmond, Virginia 23228
Ehime 794-2510 Japan
                                                                                       Michael Morrissey  EE
.                                                                                            Tel: 804-502-4468
.                                                                                 Marvin Motsenbocker  PhD
                                                                                           Tel: 504-322-1334

Our Community Energy Resilience Technology:
DIY Grid Technology was born in the Inland Sea (Japanese Mediterranean) rural area of Japan on a small island named Yugeshima.  Yugeshima means “arrow polishing island.”   The island got this name about 700 years ago when the technologists of those times, who specialized in making arrows sharp were banished here from the mainland for disagreeing with sociopath led mainstream culture of that era.  Now, the same island is a refuge for city dwellers who want space to build resilient communities away from the sociopath led mainstream.  We, Renaissance focus on food resilience, grounded on goat raising and olive growing; and on energy production energized by more efficient use of cheap solar electricity.