Exchange Diary 交換日記 No.33 ☀

Exchange Diary 交換日記 No.33 ☀

Exchange Diary 交換日記 No.33 ☀
Today’s Animal products were 10 cage-free eggs in last week
>>Chickens are fine.

Today’s Sweets were “Lemon chia seed muffin, Lees cookie, Whole wheat bread and Navel tube cake”
>> Ingredients of Lemon chia seed muffin are egg, flour, vegetable oil, soy milk, lemon peel and juice, and chia seed(poppy seed substitute). Ingredients of lees cookie are flour, whole wheat flour, lees, sugar, vegetable oil, and water. Ingredients of French bread are bread flour, water, vinegar(lemon substitute), salt, and dried orange peel powder.

Today’s drink was “hot ginger tea”
>>homemade ginger syrup was added to black tea. I prefer spicy taste from hot pepper with some sweetness.

Ms. Ise “Sea bream miso, Sweets for doll festival, handmade leaf-shaped acrylic scrubber”
>>She gave me tips to make leaf-shaped acrylic scrubber more real.

Ms. Oka “Citrus (Navel?)”
>> She said some citrus in this season taste bitter because of coldness. It reminds me the difficulties of growing farm products depending on climate.

Ms. Fukuda “Pickled radish grandmother made”
>> Pickles grandmother made is always good taste!

Yasuko san “A plastic bag full of radish”
>> She brought 4 kinds of radish in two cardboard boxes and shared with people.

Ms. Kodama told me Mr. Yamazaki visited twice in Tuesday when I changed schedule. I visited him, and he said to miss me four times actually! I apologized him many times. He was in preparation of exhibition in Kobe. He showed me his work and asked me which I like.

Mr. Kato and Miki san joined and people were busy to prepare gathering in this afternoon. The theme is doll Festival.

Debut Internet
Searching for information about “Araucana”, one of chicken variety, which produces pale blue eggs. We will get the chicks soon. The appearance is like white Leghorn which is general image of chickens.

Next, Mar 13(T), 20(T) , 27(T), Apr 3(T) 10-12am

今日の畜産物は、平飼い卵 10 個

>>レモンチアシードマフィンの材料は、卵、小麦粉、砂糖、サラダ油、豆乳、レモンのすりおろしと果汁、チアシード(ポピーシードの代用) 。酒粕クッキーの材料は、全粒粉、小麦粉、酒粕、砂糖、塩、水。陳皮入りのフランスパンの材料は、強力粉、塩、イースト、水、 酢(レモンの代用) 、乾燥したみかんの皮の粉末。











次は 3/13(火) , 20(火), 27(火) 4/3(火) am10~12