Exchange Diary 交換日記 No.32 ☀/⛅

Exchange Diary 交換日記 No.32 ☀/⛅

Exchange Diary 交換日記 No.32 ☀/⛅
Today’s Animal products were 10 cage-free eggs in last week >>Chickens are fine.

Today’s Sweets were “Whole wheat bread and Navel tube cake”
>> Ingredients of whole wheat bread are whole wheat, bread flour, vegetable oil, sugar, water.
Ingredients of navel tube cake are egg, flour, sugar, vegetable oil, juice and grated peel of navel given by Ms. Matsumoto.

Ms. Kida “Smoked cheese-fried rice and Tempra (Fritter) mix”
>>Her idea of applying strong salty taste of cheese to fried rice was successful. The smoky flavor upgraded the dish. The tempra mix can be useful incoming season to enjoy spring flavor such as Artemisia and Aralia sprout.

Ms. Ise told me about previous official residence before Yuge. People often told her “we have never thought someone lives there!” I can’t help but tell how brave she was to live in such a building. Please use tax for that.

Debut Internet
Searching for information about “Feijoa” whose jam was brought in curry & jam session the other day. The shape of flower is very unique. Harvest season is autumn. I know at least three people who grow it in Kamijima-cho, so I understand that warm Setonaikai, Inland sea is suitable to grow it.

今日の畜産物は、平飼い卵 10 個 >>快調です。




カレー&ジャム交流会の持ち寄りジャムでみかけた「フェイジョア」について調べてみました。 花がとても珍しい形。収穫時期は秋。上島町でフェイジョアを育てている方は少なくとも3名知っているので、フェイジョア栽培に温暖な瀬戸内海が適しているのもなっとく。