Exchange Diary 交換日記 No.31 ☀/⛅

Exchange Diary 交換日記 No.31 ☀/⛅

Exchange Diary 交換日記 No.31 ☀/⛅
I am sorry again to unable to meet people who visited ENGAWA in such a cold day due to changed schedule.
Please stop by again. I am looking forward to seeing you!

Today’s Animal products were 10 cage-free eggs in last week
>>Chickens are fine.

Today’s Sweets were “Lemon tube cake, Citrus muffin, Almond cookie”
>>Ingredients of lemon tube cake are egg, flour, sugar, vegetable oil, lemon juice and grated peel. Ingredients of Citrus muffin are flour, vegetable oil, citrus from Yasuko san, sugar, and honey. Almond cookie was made from flour, vegetable oil, sugar almond, citrus pulp, and honey.
I use flour very often, so I am growing wheat shared by Ms. Nakano. It’s fun.

Today’s Drink was tea with ginger syrup

>> Ingredients of ginger syrup were ginger, sugar, hot pepper, cinnamon, and lemon. Ginger ale can be made by mixing it with soda.

Ms. Kida “Handmade acrylic scrubber”
>>Two types; one uses two colors, and the other has decoration around the edge. I am very curious about the variation.
I got chance to talk with her! I introduced our website online finally. I also showed pictures showing places she couldn’t visit at Sashima tour a few weeks ago, goat pictures, and blog of past exchange.
She told me that her son and relatives who live in town loves outdoor activities. I showed her pictures of visitors in summer time. Four families including children, each father is colleague, enjoyed flow thin noodle, swimming in the ocean, kayaking, and milking goat. I invited “Development of camp site in Sashima” which will restart after it becomes warm.
I will ask members of “Development of camp site in Sashima” later.

Mots san joined by motorbike. He joined talking with Ms. Kida.


Ms. Oka “Banpeiyu; a kind of citrus grandis, lime, navel orange, etc”
>>She prepared them for me yesterday because she was a duty person. This is an attractive set of citrus. She gave me a taste of Banpeiyu jam she made. It tasted like a citrus junos, and a little bitter like grapefruits but the light sweetness was good. I wll try to make such jam and bring to a party this weekend.

Kiyoko san “Spinach, Daikon; Japanese radish”
>>Highly-skilled gardener, Kiyoko san said her winter vegetables grew well even professional farmers was difficult to harvest due to such a cold winter. She washed a pile of spinach carefully as usual and gave me with Daikon. Rick who is an Italian staying our house now and a Vegan enjoyed cooking to make a spinach and almond salad.

Debut Internet I showed how to play in the summer of Yuge, and future of Sashima.

Next, Feb 27(T), Mar 6(T), 13(T), 20(T) 10-12am


今日の畜産物は、平飼い卵 10 個

>>レモンシフォンケーキの材料は、卵、小麦粉、砂糖、サラダ油、レモンの果汁と皮のすりおろし。みかんマフィンの材料は、小麦粉、サラダ油、やすこさんのネーブルの果汁、砂糖、はちみつ。アーモンドクッキーの材料は、小麦粉、サラダ油、砂糖、アーモンド、みかんの果肉、はちみつ。 小麦粉をよく使うので、中野さんに分けてもらった麦を植えています。楽しみ。







インターネット体験 弓削の夏の遊び方、佐島の未来をご紹介しました。

次は 2/27(火),3/6(火),13(火), 20(火) am10~12