Exchange Diary 交換日記 No.29 ☀/⛅

Exchange Diary 交換日記 No.29 ☀/⛅

Exchange Diary 交換日記 No.29 ☀/⛅
Today’s Animal products were 10 Eggs in last week >>Chickens are fine.
Today’s sweets were “Lemon tube cake, Bean jam bun”
>>Lemon tube cake Ingredients of basic ingredients are eggs, flour, sugar, lemon juice and peel from our garden and vegetable oil. Bean jam of Bean jam bun was made from beans sold at farmer’s market in Sashima. The bean was big and delicious.
Ms. Kida “Two kinds of acrylic scrubber, Leaf and Napa”
>>She is humble and says “I am not good at such kind of things”. But her original products are colorful and I am curious about her mind ! She started to make Leaf type but change into Napa by adding deep green edge. I love her flexible idea.
Ms. Terasaka ”Homemade chinese onion pickles and marmalade, Big citrus, small citrus and the branches with leaves for goats”
>>She can’t join our curry party on Feb 25, so asked me to serve homemade pickles and marmalade. Wait till the day! She makes marmalade every year which is made by many steps to remove bitterness. It is worth seeing, no, tasting.
Mr. Hamanami stopped by ENGAWA. He came by motorbike, made himself warm by stove, and were chatting with Mots san over tea.
Mots san came by car. Car battery run out this morning, so I asked him to fix it and came here by motorbike. It seemed to be able to move. We should buy battery because we took twice car check.
Outside ENGAWA
Kiyoko san “Just-made two kinds of rice cake, tansy and citrus flavor”
>>I stopped by her house because I expected that she was home in such a cold day even if she is a diligent gardener. She finished pounding mochi with her friend just now. She is fine and is thoroughly guarded from a cold.
Ms. Nakayama “Pickles of Chinese onion, sliced vegetables pickled in soy sauce”
>> She, wife of Mr. Nakayama san who is my teacher of wood craft, also asked me to serve homemade pickles at curry party.. Waiting till the day!
Yasuko san “Several citrus in her garden., Bean jelly, citrus for making juice”
>>I visited her garden as “Sashima & Ikina island tour” last weekend and ate several kinds of citrus there. Later, she asked me goat cheese I made for sending her friend in Matsuyama who used to live in Ikina. Now milk stopped, so I checked stored cheese and brought a piece of cheese made on Sep in good condition. I decreased content of salt in cheese after that because I expect to eat soon without smell and I found low salt cheese like this couldn’t store for a long time. I could learn it from this experience.
Hamada san “smoked foods; egg, flavored cheese, sausage, dry squid, mixed nuts”
>>I visited him as “Sashima & Ikina island tour”. He is thinking to let children make something by themselves. I hope we can do something together in future.

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貴田さんの“アクリルタワシ 木の葉と白菜の2種“ >>あまり得意ではないと言いながら、自分流のアレンジがきいた貴田さんのアクリルたわしは、カラフルで発想もたのしい! 葉っぱを作ろうと編み始めたけど、途中から白菜になった、と一部淵を濃い緑に切り替えたという、その柔軟さが好き。
きよこさんの“つきたてお餅2種 よもぎとみかん”


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