”Exchange”Diary 27th ⛅/⛄ ”交換”日記 第27回

”Exchange”Diary 27th ⛅/⛄ ”交換”日記 第27回

”Exchange”Diary 27th ⛅/⛄ ”交換”日記 第27回
I apologize for failing to meet people who visited here in such a cold day due to sudden rescheduling and my delayed arrival today. Schedule of next four months are shown in the last line.

Today’s Animal products were 8 Eggs laid during the last week
>> “Kan-Tamago (eggs laid at the cold time)” goes well.

Today’s sweets were “Dried persimmon-rolled cookie and orange cookie”
>>The cookie basic ingredients are all purpose flour, whole wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil, and water. Adding cinnamon powder into the basic ingredients for dried persimmon cookie and orange pulp for orange cookie, respectively.
Dried persimmon cookie made by wrapping a paste of dried persimmon given by Ms. Nakahama in cookie sheet. Original recipe uses dried fig. Dried persimmon works well, local friends said like this, so it seems to be successful. I feel relieved.
Orange cookie I made this time refers to orange cookie sold in import glossary store, which feels strong orange flavor. Generally, cookie with much water is not crispy, on the other hand, adding orange juice alone can not add enough flavor. To resolve the dilemma, I added orange pulp, fibriform residue after squeezing orange, but the flavor was not enough. More improvement is necessary. Adding orange peel? It may be bitter?, let’s try!

Ms. Ise “Fried pork with watercress and Amigurumi* with dog paper-mache, Hriko** shape”

*Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed yarn creatures.
**Hariko is China origin ornament made by applying Japanese paper over a wooden mold. Dog Hariko has a special meaning which is to hope easy birth.
>>Watercress was not bitter and matched up so well with pork.
She nicely reproduced Hariko on her Amigurumi by big eyes and round face etc and the figure standing with four thick feet on red carpet looks very cute. I displayed it next to wooden dog ornament on kitchen table and the atmosphere changed into sweet. I felt power of knitting.
She also showed me final product of a book made of felt she showed me last week. I could take some pictures successfully. I impressed her high skill again!

Ms. Fukuda ”Pickles of turnip”
>>She said her pickles are sour, but it is not so strong like vinegar. The sour comes from lemon, so it is good flavor and easy to eat lika salad. Her daughter delivered it from her must be happy.
It was interesting that she talked about how old public building is used now over eating today’s sweets. She suggested me to make this for monthly gathering.

Ms. Kida, I apologize for failing to meet her due to my delayed arrival. I was awfully sorry that I wanted to talk with her. I hope to meet her soon.

Mots san came by motor cycle. He is interested in exchange program very much.
Next, Jan 30(Tue), Feb 7(Wed),13(Tue),20(Tue) 10:30am-12:00am


今回の畜産物は、寒卵 8個






次は 1/30(火),2/7(水),13(火),20(火) am10:30~