About us 私たちについて

Timeline of Renaissance

  Renaissance is provided by us, Motsenbocker(Mots) and Yuko.
Our goal 私たちの目指すところ
Daily life 日々の暮らし
Experience これまでの経験
Places we lived before yuge 弓削の前に私たちが住んでいた場所
Wanted! 求む!
Record of Books
Recommended Books & What we think from that

  1. Currency Wars (no English translation) World economy is governed by a very small amount of super rich people.
  2. Insight into the nature -environment, food, energy(no English translation) We feel empathy for awareness of environment, food, energy
  3. Seeds and how to grow true bred(no English translation)
    If we select true bred, we can keep on harvesting crops with stable property by obtaining the seeds and planting them, which is suitable for sustainable life.
  4. Natural vegetable garden improving breeding and taste more and more(no English translation)
    Reference of our gardening

  1. ロスチャイルド、通貨強奪の歴史とそのシナリオ 影の支配者たちがアジアを狙う– 2009/5/21 宋 鴻兵 (著)
  2. 本質を見抜く力―環境・食料・エネルギー 2008/9/13 養老 孟司 (著), 竹村 公太郎 (著)
  3. 固定種野菜の種と育て方-2012/2/23  野口 勲 (著), 関野 幸生 (著)
  4. 育ちや味がどんどんよくなる自然菜園で野菜づくり –2014/6/9 竹内孝功 (著)